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Introducing an Equity Calculator for Pensioners

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Retirement is a great time in your life. You worked hard to reach this age as a way to enjoy life. You enjoyed life before, but now you have the freedom you have not had since you were a kid looking to enter school. Actually, not even then, because you had parents telling you what to do. At retirement you no longer have a boss, parent, or other person telling you what to do and huge consequences if you do not fall in line. Yet, statistics have shown that UK retirees have not saved up enough during their working life […]

Why is the Drawdown Lifetime Mortgage popular?

If you are looking for a flexible approach to equity release, a drawdown lifetime mortgage may be just what you are looking for. A drawdown lifetime mortgage allows you to determine when and how you will take the money received from an equity release scheme. You will be provided with a cash reserve facility from which you are allowed to make an initial withdrawal of your choice. The remaining amount is held in the reserve facility for future needs. The principle of the drawdown equity release is based upon the fact that you would only withdraw money from your cash […]